Empowering the Middle Skill Workforce

Our Story

Viridis was inspired by founder and veteran Felix W. Ortiz III’s transition out of the U.S. Army, in which he served in the JAG Corps. Upon leaving the military, he and his fellow soldiers utilized the Army Career and Alumni Program (ACAP) to gain access to resources and workshops that would help them with their job searches.

It was during this transition process that Felix and his fellow soldiers experienced a significant problem: they did not know what they desired to do for a career. Unaware of which jobs would best suit their skill sets or financially rewarding. The pathway to gain career qualifications was uncertain and the numerous technological tools and resources offered by the ACAP program for finding jobs were not streamlined, and often disjointed.

It was then that the idea to develop advanced algorithmic technology to assist students and job seekers was born. Today, Viridis is dedicated to helping students identify and pursue specific, lifelong career pathways and provide them with the educational and certification resources to follow them.

Our Mission

Viridis seeks to develop a global qualified and sustainable middle-skill workforce, and ultimately thriving middle class, through the adoption of data interoperability and data-driven technology platform.