Felix W. Ortiz IIIFounder, Chairman & CEO

    Felix W. Ortiz III is Founder, Chairman and CEO of Viridis Learning, is a technology company using a proprietary software platform to close the skills gap by integrating students, colleges and employers, especially in urban settings. Utilizing Viridis technologies, colleges can better track and understand their students’ performance and outcomes, reduce student time-to-completion rates, and improve students’ employment placement. The Viridis platform allows employers to hire more quickly, cut recruitment and retention costs, and reduce churn with skill-based job matching. Viridis will also integrate with Salesforce Trailhead, Salesforce’s online, interactive and guided learning platform, to further workforce development within the Salesforce ecosystem.

    As a social impact tech serial entrepreneur, Ortiz has always focused on creating companies that do well by doing good. He has started several companies, including Visionary Trade & Export, a venture he founded at age 20 that led to multi-million dollars deals for the companies that he worked with and enabled for the individuals of those countries to receive quality food that they otherwise did not have access to. He has been appointed to several boards and currently serves as a Member of The Board of Directors to the New York City Technology Development Corporation, NY Hall of Science and the Osborne Foundation.

    In 2013, he served on the technology subcommittee of then‐Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio in New York City. During the 2012 presidential campaign, Ortiz was national Co-Chairman of Gen44, applying his entrepreneurial experience and energy to encouraging civic involvement among the younger generation. Previously, he was a member of the Obama-Biden transition team’s advisory group for international trade and economics and served on the campaign’s national finance committee council. In 2016 Ortiz worked as a member of the technology working group for Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton; where they worked on creating policy plans that would enable positive technology impact for society. Ortiz has also spoken out publicly about the lack of venture capital funding for Hispanic & African American tech entrepreneurs. He is a constant advocate to ensure that the funding divide is closed. To date Ortiz has raised over $7.5M in venture capital for Viridis Learning and is now expanding offices between NY, Palo Alto and Austin, Texas.

    Ortiz was a member of the U.S. Army 18th Airborne Corps and JAG Corps. He attended St. John’s University.