Ro-el CorderoChief Product Officer

    Roel is a Startup Product Leader who works cross functionally with executive and development teams to align product development and execution with product strategy and vision. Over the past decade, Roel has launched mobile and web products across a number of different industries, including Mobile Banking, Supply Chain Traceability, Electrical Utilities, and Sports and Fitness. He brings his expertise in product management and passion for solving meaningful problems through technology to Viridis where he serves as Chief Product Officer, leading the strategy and execution of the Viridis Platform. Roel is a champion of the user and believes all users deserve the best experience possible.

    Outside of his professional career, Roel serves on the leadership team of Hospital For Hope, a nonprofit which raises funds to operate and expand a hospital in rural India serving thousands of patients annually who would otherwise lack access to medical care.

    Roel holds a BS in Symbolic Systems from Stanford University.